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Pictures of Projects done at the Farm!

Scout Projects

Community Projects Troop 19

Allen Clark
Summer 2004. Allen completed his project (HFF's first Eagle Scout Project) which consisted of a new sitting area, a 24' bridge and approximately 160' of walking trails!  

Ryan Tincher
Summer 2005, Ryan fenced in the last of our horse pastures. Ryan and his troop ran over 1,000' of three-strand, high tensile wire fencing. Click Here for photos..

Tucker Horne
Summer 2006. Tucker provided some critical drainage upgrades to our main road.  He replaced the old, undersized pipe with a larger diameter, longer pipe and
improved the inlet & discharge sides of that pipe with nice river stone.  Great work Tucker! Click Here for photos.

Larry Zaino
Fall 2006. Larry also provided some drainage upgrades to, and improved the frontage of the property.  Larry and his fellow scouts installed 40' of culvert pipe
from the existing pipe under the lower drive to the bridge. Once installed, they covered the pipe and re-seeded, etc. The pipe installation will GREATLY simplify
mowing down there.  Great work Larry! Photos coming soon.

Troop 13

Luke Savage
Summer 2006. Luke and his peers at T13 and fellow at-home-schoolers have finished up the handicapped-accessible ramp for our future equestrian program. This is a CRITICAL piece of equipment for us and it's turned out BEAUTIFULLY! Click Here for photos..

Nathan Schulte
Nathan is installing a low voltage lighting system from the Arts & Crafts building to the parking area.  He and his troop installed 21 fixtures, controlled by a timer, on rough hewn cedar posts.  They look and work great!  Click Here for photos..

Cole Smith
Cole has started a drainage/road improvement project at the farm! Photos coming soon.

Danny Ryan
Danny has started building a shelter in the lower pastures for hay! Click Here for photos.

Troop 148

Joe Phillippi
Fall 2005. Joe, his brother Pat, and a host of others put in over 500 man-hours constructing an AWESOME 12'x24' run-in shed for the horses! Click Here for photos..

Pat Phillippi
Summer 2006. Pat and his crew did a BEATIFUL job digging and landscaping and a dry rock creek bed to improve a bad drainage situation near the Arts & Crafts building. Kudos to Pat and his Posse for braving so many rainy days to complete his project! Photos coming soon.

Troop 313

Brian Ouellette
Summer 2005. Brian just finished running almost 900' of underground water pipe to each of our three horse pastures. In each of the pastures he placed frost-proof faucets and Rubbermaid 110 gallon watering troughs. Baby, Macy and Shay Day say THANKS! Click Here for photos.

Caleb Mount
Summer 2007. Caleb improved the safety of our horse pastures by installing high visibility monofilament lines to our fences. Click Here for photos. 

Troop 82

Thomas Ulmer
Summer 2006.  Thomas and the "crew from 82" took on our Riding Arena!  Along with some very generous gift-in-kind donations and hard work from Ram Development in Mooresville, L.B. Plastics in Mooresville, Martin Marietta Aggregates, Charlotte Tractor Company and Sunbelt Rentals, Thomas brought our vision for the riding arena to life from the red clay!  The arena looks awesome and will work great for our future riding program! Click Here for photos.

Cub Pack 630

Cub Scout Pack 630 came out recently and collected rocks to be used in a future Eagle Scout project! You guys ROCK (Literally!) Click Here for photos.

Duke Power Day of Service

Summer 2005
10 local employees of Duke Power from nearby McGuire Nuclear Station came out and fenced in the largest of our pastures for the horses. Never has a straighter fence ever been strung!
Click Here for photos.

Summer 2006
Once more, employees of nearby McGuire Station came out and worked - hard!  They installed 180 feet of 3' diameter culvert pipe under one of our pastures, rescuing it from
frequent flooding during heavy rains. We also dug a catch basin to channel water into the pipe and put stone in the basin to prevent erosion.
Click Here for photos.

Davidson College

Here are some photos of some of the MANY projects done by Davidson College Students!
Click Here for photos.

Premier Inc and Hands On Charlotte.

Summer 2006.  In a community service project day coordinated by Hands On Charlotte with many local non-profits, a group of 20 dedicated employees of Premier, Inc, a leading national health care provider, came out to the farm and worked on multiple projects.  They worked on ditches, clearing overgrown fences and even helped Thomas Ulmer (troop 82) work on his Eagle Scout project. Click Here for photos.

KCI - MedClaim

Fueled by a generous donation from the KCI Community Foundation, "A Servant's Heart", local employees of MedClaim have been coming out and staining our new barn! Visit their website here. Photos coming soon!.

Davidson College July Experience '07

More than 60 rising high school seniors attending Davidson College July Experience came out to the farm and worked on an array of projects around the farm! To learn more about July Experience, visit their website here. Photos coming soon!.