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Mindful Musings & Creative Thoughts

Individual Poems, the member's own thoughts and words...

Group Poetry, written collaboratively by the members...

Our Member's stories, as told in the StoryBox Project


   Footsteps are things that we all need to learn to take at one point in time.
From the time that you are a baby, to when you have to take those steps to move
away from home, footsteps are our journey through life.  Some of the members of
Hinds' Feet Farm have literally had to learn to take these footsteps all over again.
And even though we aren't always taking foot "steps" in life we are always trying
to move forward.
   I had to learn to take footsteps all over again in 1996 due to complications after
brain tumor surgery.  My footsteps were guided by many people, and now being
at Hinds' Feet, I feel as if I'm "up and running" again.

                                                    - K.T.

Who Am I?

I am me.
I don't know about me.
I'm trapped inside my mind.
It's trash right now.
I can't go where I want. I can't do what I want.
If I could walk in a straight line, I would be hiking without my cane.
I would drive if I could.
I want to go fishing. I want to run.
I want  to have a job. I want to have fun!
I want to gulp drinks without a straw.
I basically want to be a plain person with no disability and no dumbness.
I am not stupid!
Don't treat me like a baby.
I am an adult!

I am unique and special.
I care about people. I give to people.
I try hard. I have patience and humor.
God treats me with respect because I am His child!

I am a thoughtful and creative person.
I live my life with love, patience, hard work, and faith that God will take care of me.

I have talents and skills.
I like to work with wood and like making things out of wood.
I am good at putting things together.
I am good at training dogs. I used to help train puppies to work with blind people.
I like to sing.
Freedom is important to me.
Life is important to me.
I don't know what life is.
It changes all the time.
I want life to be better.
I'd like to know the right answer because I just don't know.
Life is challenging...becasue everything that happens will be different.
God says our purpose is to love him...and love other people.

                                                    - B.T.


Our thoughts are mindful...

Our thoughts are mindful
Coming one at a time
Not far apart
But each one coming as a new minute passes
Thoughtful and full of meaning
Each thought passes me by with such fullness
That I donít know where to go with them
Each thought is a horse
Running and jumpingÖ

                                            - E.B.

With truth comes wisdom....

With truth comes wisdom
life's full of challenges so create a positive & strong spirit in your heart
laughing births a journey full of joy & peace
understanding music inspires, comforts the mind,  heals the body
Trust in yourself

                                        - J.M.


In the winter....

In the winter, I manipulate my death
to be the power of gratitude & eternity
& I give my soul only to God. 
He created me, I will give my eternity only to Jesus.

                                     - R.W.


Hope is change...

Hope is change
Change is hope
Hoping for a reaction
Some say itís easy
Hard work is needed for some
Not foe me
Ask Barack, ask me, even ask Baby
It has, or had changed
Peace to the three
Father, son, and holy ghost

                                - R.B.


The Vole

The horses boast because they run the most
Soaring hawk looking for prey swoops down to catch a vole
A gentle breeze carries with it the early signs of autumn
Peaceful butterflies flutter in the waning summer heat
The cat sits looking for a vole
The hole had a mole and a vole inside

Among Friends 

A tree swaying in the breeze
The blades of grass rippled as the wind blew by
The tree danced in the breeze in front of the Carolina blue sky
Pretty red velvet ant off to masquerade at the Ball
The hawk soaring swoops down on its prey
Bullfrogs sing a song of joy to welcome the summerís heat
Horse stalls stand bare as the horses frolic in the field
The cool summer breeze is delightful as we sit among friends

Musings from a Stone Path

Cedar trellis frames our journey towards our inner nature
Trees rustling in the wind create the sound of rushing water
And this is some back to nature
Water flowed down the creek bed
We are sitting here listening to the birds chirp as a pine needle fell onto my arm
The solace of the forest is comforting
Scaly pines streaking towards the heavenly sky
The birds flock as the crow caws
Shadows of trees juxtaposed on the geometric ground beneath
Shadows of the trees dance and move in the wind
Crickets and cicadas are singing and rejoicing in a symphony of life
The birds melody is the definite chime in to early fall
The benches are warped by time and the wear of nature
We remain a circle of friends for eternity.


"Brain Box" Story Box Project

more about the StoryBox Project

"Raising from near death"

March 18th [1993] was a day of the unknown. For me it was just the end of the week, for a "Notorious"or Macevilli.In the since, one get shot, and one disappear .I was shot in the head, by mistake. It was a random shoting . I want get in the details; however, I wasn't suppose to get shot. I was the only person standing, and I don't know many barbers the are are so young, to offer their services at their patrons  homes. See I decided to be a friend, and bring my supplies to their house, and give personal service. After a quick walk to the friends house. What felt like eternuty.  I set up my tools, and began to cut his hair,to a Bald box fade. That was the type of hair cut he wanted. After began cutting his hair a guy ran in the house. It was crazy, but I didn't pay any attention. The guy that ran in the house was a dude that broke in my house, but I didn't know it from a couple days ago. There was a gunshot into the front of the housee Everybody fit the floor. After awhile everybody got back up. Then I got shot once in the head in the right temparel lobe of the brain. One guy told me I got shot. I guess I went in shock. I don't remember being in an ambulance, or going threw brain surgery. I had a surgery to but holes in my skull. because my brain was swolen. Then, I got surgery to get a shunt.  It lets fluid on my brain, to drain to my intestines. They couldn't take the bullet out because it would kill me. When all this was happening I was unconcious. I was like that for three months, and when I was awake it was scarry as haze. I didn't know where I was, or why I couldn't move. My left side of my body wouldn't work. I remember vividly that someone wrote on paper saying that I got shot. I think I went in shock.  I had to start therapys, Like speech, Adj, and other ones I can't remember. I did that for like six months. I rwemember going to church on Sunday mornings, and going home on Saturday, but I had to come back to the hospital. That evening, I guess I wasn't stable enough to leave. I did that for nine months.  When I was able to leave the hospital, Theree where tv camaras. I went to Highschool, I went for half a day. I just recently say a speech and OT theripies. They where tripping out how I'm so grown up. My speech person gave me an three Musketer. I'll never forget that. or that stuff when she covers her mouth. At one time they thought I was deaf, but they then found out the part of my brain, of speech was damaged. I had therpy for speech in Highschool, CIR, and CMC.  I also had OT ,PT. Ot for the upper body, I guess PT the lower body. The tenth and eleventh grade I went threw the Brain injury program, its kindda like HHF, but your inside, no horses, or cats, lol.  I finished highschool, that was the most happies day of my life. I was in the news like crazy.. I went to CPCC, and got general college classes. I wanted to attend ABFI, what is now Art Intitute of Charlotte. I wanted, to have my own clothing company. plus a barber and hair salon,shop. An all in one spot. I guess it was to expensive and that I had a brain injury. I got some fashion classes at PCC. plus my majar was Liberal art, I was mostly in the public speaking courses., and some fashion courses. as minor. Vr, and my mom felt it was to hard, I personally feel it was about money. Plus I did math,english. Then I start working, I used VR agin, I got a job coach. They narrow the job search for me. I had a job at some apartments, I worked there for awhile, Then I worked at Walmart for six years. Then I came to HFF. I just resently took a test for housing and work. I waiting on my leg, and for them to get back with me. Like Forrest Gump says at the end of the movie.That's about it.

- a member's story

I was born with a brain tumor and have surgery to have it removed.  But 3 months later it grew back again so I had to go back to the hospital and have the procedure done again.  This time it did not come back.  Then when I was six I was hit by a car and broke both of my legs.  I am very lucky that I didnít die!  I had to recover in the hospital for several months.  I think it is important to let everyone know that I did survive but there are some things that are hard for me to do now and some things that I cannot do at all, but most things I can do just fine.  My favorite thing to do is bowling.  I also like to play basketball.  In fact the person I admire most is Michael Jordan because he played basketball so well.  My big dream was to be a train engineer but because of my injury, I wonít be able to achieve that dream.  It makes me sad to think about.  But another thing I like to do is collect modern day clocks Ė right now I have over 250 in my room and hope to get more someday because they interest me.

 - a member's story

On November 11, 2002 I was in a horrific car accident well, horrific to me anyways!  I was a junior in High School at the time.  It was a quiet day in my neighborhood and my best friend, at the time in my life, to fill out job applications.  So, I was happy in a way, so I could make money to get thingís I need and want!  But, right now, I am 22 going on 23 soon.  As for what I can recall about my accident is, that I was trudging along a back road to my friendís house, on a lake!  But as to what I can remember, at being 16 Ĺ, I was very excited about working for the very first time!  I went over but had my accident along the way!  I was on a small NC back road.  Being the first time Iíve been this way and my experience with narrow backroads, I was unsure about driving these roadís.  so, I somehow strayed off the road, spinning the car right into a tree!  Going at the tree at such a high rate of velocity it was so unmistakeably unbelievable that I am now working on my way, nearly six and half yearís later now being traumatically brain injuredÖam now left side weak, unable to use my left side much!  Meaning, I canít use my left arm much.  So Iíll stop at that!

 - a member's story

I was in a car accident in March 1969.  I went back to high school after that, it was only in my freshman year, so what I remember starts in 1972.  I do have some memories before that, but only what I have been told by other people.  After I went to high school, I can still remember my algebra, my World History, and my health ed from that next portion of a year.  From my sophomore year I still remember my philosophy class.  It was mostly the history of philosophy during that semester and discussed some of our philosophy.

 - a member's story

I received my head injury on June 23, 1985.  I was knee boarding behind my friendís boat, he turned the boat around and I ran into a palm tree.  I was in a coma for a month, I received speech therapy, which I donít remember.  The physical and occupational therapies I remember very painfully well. When taking blood from me, 3 or 4 nurses were needed.  I was pleasant during my rehabilitation, the nurses and doctors liked me. The doctorís said I was employable, which made it very hard to locate a job.  In 1989 I worked at Long John Silverís until August 1990.  My memory from 1990-1994 is fuzzy so I canít give any details for that time period. I moved to the BIRC hospital in Clearwater in 1994-1995 - Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center.  It was here that I first walked, even though the doctorís said I would not.  My determination made it possible for walking again. In 1999 I moved to North Carolina, Iíve worked at Food Lion since April 19, 2000, though just 5-6 hours per week.  Iím currently looking for another job, part-time.  The state of the economy makes finding another job very difficult to do.  Please be very careful, avoid accidents, head injuries and other traumatic accidents.  Your brain will thank you for doing so.

 - a member's story

My name is Jennifer and I am 33 years old. I had a Traumatic Brain Injury in early 1977 when I was 19 months old. It was caused by abuse from my real father. He was abusive to my Mom for several years and she was trying to leave him because of it.  They had been arguing, at one point she was holding me then my father punched me out of my motherís arms on the right side of my face just below my right ear.  After I hit the floor he kicked me across our living room to the other side.  After that I was like a newborn baby again.  I had to learn to walk, talk and get potty trained again.  The doctors found that I was also deaf in my left ear.  I am also going deaf now in my right ear.  We are learning sign language because of my deafness.  Iíve had several challenges over the years but one thing comes easily for me, which is my hand-eye coordination.  That comes in handy when I drive my car.  And also when I Work on my needlecrafts.  Some of the needle crafts I do from time to time are crochet, sewing, cross stitch, embroidery, tatting(lace making), knitting, weaving, bead work, and even a little basketry too.  I even made a pillow out of two small rugs I hooked.  I like to design my own patterns when I cross stitch gifts for my family.  I like to work with my hands.  And I LOVE listening to music.  Music will be the biggest thing Iíll miss when my hearing is gone, besides my families voices.  Imes I. Hearing loss is just one of the many side effects of Traumatic Brain Injury. Other side effects include vision loss and blindness, losing the ability to smell, feeling either too hot or too cold, fatigue, depression, memory loss, and paralysis.  Those of us with brain injuries only have our parents to rely on. Most of us will not get to have families of our own because of our injuries.  The worst thing about brain injuries is the lack of true friends. Many of us have had our friends scatter away from us after our injuries happen. And sometimes even family members scatter away too!

 - a member's story

I donít remember much about my accident but I can tell you that Brain Injury can be diagnosed at any given second of any day and finding a way to live with it is a key factor in Living life I mean finding a way to Heal it is a key point in anyoneís life.  The key factor is donít work 2 shifts at work and then go party and drink and drive. Because if you do that youíre not only saving life but lives of others which is important.  If we as human being can not do stupid things then we can all be life savers.  Partyís that involve drinking are for dummies.  I am a firefighter and professional security officer and I am saying drinking is for fools.

 - a member's story

Sept 19, 2005 I had a life changing experience.  I was out with my friends drinking and smoking my life away.  It came time for us to go home, so I argued my keys back.  We were about 30 minutes from home. The drive home went well until we got to last stop light.  I sped through it and missed the turn.  The car started to flip and ended up right on into a telephone pole.  The next thing I remember is waking up to my mom painfully shaving me in a nursing home from that point on I went through years of therapy.  The therapy was very hard and painful but it was worth it.  I am now working in customer service and making speeches about my accident. I really like educating people about brain injury.  I feel my story will teach people that consequences come from bad actions.

 - a member's story

Hi!  I would like to share my story about traumatic brain injury. Here are some stories of my recovery that had or are having some different results.
My accident
I donít actually remember this but I have been told this story. On June 6th, 1999, I was driving our familiesí Acura.  I accidentally slid off a bank and flipped three times into some trees and concrete steps into an apartment building.  So in other words, I tore my car and myself up.    The car is completely out of use.  My body was not working at all either. When the police and paramedics arrived, they did all they could but they werenít sure I was going to live so they rushed me to the hospital in Blacksburg, VA.   There they decided to airlift me to Roanoke,VA  regional hospital.  They couldnít help me there so they sent me on to University of Virginia Hospital in Charlottesville by helicopter.  I spent over a month in neurological intensive care unit (NICU).  The amazing Dr.   tried a last ditch effort to save me and removed half of my skull so my swelling brain could have space to breath.  Through all their work,  I thank them for saving my life. I have no idea of the many things that happened during this time. I was in a coma for a whole year and then my mom and dad took me home but I still donít remember any of thatÖ I just say that I was asleep for two years.

 - a member's story

I remember sort of vaguely now anyway attending school at the College of Charleston, and cheering for their basketball team.  I remember all of my friends from high school (where I graduated in the top ten percent of my class with many cords for honor societies).  I remember waiting tables at Chiliís in Myrtle Beach.  What I donít remember is how exactly I wound up in the stinky situation that I seem to live in now, of living at home with my parents, not being able to drive or make my own decisions.  Being frustrated with remembering my life before my brain injury and being at my wits end with the struggle of every day life living at home with my parents, being stuck there if we get into an argument, and just not having many friends to call and complain to. What I have been told that happened was that in the summer of 1996, I went to cheerleading camp in Georgia and came home having double vision and really bad headaches, so my mom said that she took me to the eye doctor, who saw pressure behind my eyes.  She sent me to have an MRI, where they found a brain tumor!  I had that removed supposedly ďsuccessfullyĒ in Myrtle Beach, by a doctor that was supposedly the ďbest doctor around.Ē  He then sent me back to school.  I was there for like a week, moved into my new apartment.  I was there for like two weeks and my caring mom called me everyday to see if I was ok.  One day though, she said that she called and I didnít even know what day it was, so she sent my dad to pick me up, he found me laying on the floor in my apartment, picked me up, put me in the car and started toward Myrtle Beach.  On the way I had a seizure in the car and couldnít walk, or know who my own mother was for like four months.  When I got out of the hospital, I went through physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy for about a year and a half.  What is hard for me now, post injury, is accepting that I have an injury and that sometimes I do need help with things.  Accepting that I canít drive or live by myself and that I have to write EVERYTHING so that I remember.

 - a member's story