Day Program Admissions

The Hinds’ Feet Farm Day Program is a paradigm shift from the traditional medical treatment model for people living with brain injury to a model that embraces a holistic health and wellness approach, empowering members toward occupation and meaning in life post injury. Created by, and for, persons living with brain injury; members actively participate throughout the entire infrastructure of the program.

Our program is member-driven and members are able to come together at our monthly member council meeting to work together with staff to create a program schedule that best meets the needs of the group.  Each day members participate in on-site programming such as art, budgeting, cooking, improv comedy, theater, dance, creative writing, art therapy and outdoor and indoor games.  We also have a strong focus on community reintegration and empowering members to get back out into their communities.  One way we do this is through our member-chosen community connections such as going to the movies, golfing, hiking, bowling, visiting the local library, touring museums, going out for coffee, or volunteering at food banks, community gardens and other locations.  Our program staff work hard to identify locations that are accessible to members with a variety of physical needs.

Program members will also work with staff to develop individualized person-centered plans that allow them to tailor their experience at Hinds’ Feet Farm by developing unique long and short-term goals.  Staff will then work with members throughout the course of the day to take steps toward achieving these goals.

We are happy to have staff from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines including therapeutic recreation, social work, art therapy, mental health, developmental disability and substance use.  We also have students and interns from local and national colleges and universities.  These students are able to learn and grow working alongside Hinds’ Feet Farm members and staff in group and individual settings.  We also welcome community volunteers who are able to round out our program with a variety of offerings and experiences.

Hinds’ Feet Farm strives to also meet the multi-faceted needs of members’ families.  Families and caregivers can develop a circle of peer and professional support by participating in friends and family luncheons at each program location as well as peer-led caregiver support groups.  We also partner with local Brain Injury Association of North Carolina (BIANC) support groups and can consult with families about their individual needs to connect them with other community-based resources.

We are currently accepting referrals for both our Huntersville and Asheville Day Programs!

Day Program Admissions Criteria

  • Have a brain injury (traumatic or acquired), and be at least 18 years old.
  • Be capable of meeting personal needs, including taking medication, or have a personal caregiver or family member to assist them.
  • Be able to communicate with others through speech, signing, assistive devices or caregiver.
  • Not use alcohol or illegal drugs during program hours; use of tobacco products in the designated areas only. 
  • Follow Program Rules.
  • Refrain from behaviors that pose a threat to self or others.
  • Have a secured membership funding source through North Carolina’s Department of Health & Human Services, Division of  Mental Health, Developmental Disability and Substance Abuse Services (NC DHHS DMH/DD/SAS) Medicaid, or private pay.

For Referrals

If you would like to be considered for Day Program admission, please fill out the form below and the Day Program Director will reach out to you.