Benefits of Occupational and Recreational Therapy

When we think about therapy and brain injury are initial thought is rehab that occurs directly after an injury. Very rarely do we think about the difference therapy can make in our loved one’s life years after the initial injury. Given the background of our new Allied Health Coordinator, Brittany Turney, members will have the unique opportunity to participate in Occupational and Recreational Therapy geared … Read More

Thriving Survivor

When we had to shut down our in-person day programs at the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic we were searching for ways to keep our program members engaged and connected during their time at home (and try to beat boredom too!). So, we tried a couple different things: paper activity packets, you tube videos of staff teaching crafts or … Read More

Meet Our New Allied Health Coordinator!

New Position Filled at the Farm! Brittany Turney has recently taken the brand new position at the farm of Allied Health Coordinator. Brittany started her career at the farm actually, as an TR (Therapeutic Recreation Specialist) intern in our Huntersville Day Program. Shortly after receiving her license as a TR, she began working here at the farm in the Day … Read More

Compliance 101

    The word “compliance” can be traced to the Latin verb “complete” which means “having all parts or elements, lacking nothing”. Staff and volunteers here at Hinds Feet Farm continuously strive to “lack nothing” in providing safe and cost-effective care for our members to achieve their very best. We do this while also remaining compliant to strict regulations and … Read More

Huntersville Day Program

Meet our friendly farm bunnies, Snickers and Oriella! Snickers was born right here on the farm almost 5 years ago. You may have already guessed that he got his name from his caramel-colored fur, like the inside of a Snickers candy bar! He is full of personality and loves to nibble on clover. Oriella is new to the farm and … Read More

Benefits of Therapeutic Riding

BENEFITS OF THERAPEUTIC RIDING Alison Spasoff, Director of Members Services, is also a Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor through PATH Intl.  Alison leads the Therapeutic Riding Program on the farm and is always seeking volunteers to assist with lessons.  Only members of Hinds’ Feet Farm are allowed to participate in this program.  If you are interested in volunteering, please email Alison … Read More

Hinds’ Feet Farm – Asheville Day Program

Hinds’ Feet Farm has a day program in Asheville, North Carolina and unlike the programs in Huntersville we are not actually on a farm! Here in Asheville we rent space from a church on Hendersonville road right in town. I think of us as the urban branch of Hinds’ Feet Farm. We are technically in south Asheville but close to … Read More