Meet Greta! A Huntersville Intern

Throughout my life, I have had various experiences that have led me to the profession I chose to pursue. I have chosen that helping others and providing them with quality care is my true passion. As an adolescent, I was always a very active child and constantly on the go. I found a true outlet in athletics, and I think … Read More

Meet our Huntersville Intern, Christina!

  The first time I observed occupational therapy, I was a sophomore at Michigan State University, volunteering at the front desk for a neurorehabilitation facility. My initial intention in volunteering was to gain experience with physical therapy as I had never heard of occupational therapy prior. When I was introduced to the occupational therapists at the facility, I was instantly … Read More

Meet Rea – An Intern in Asheville!

  As someone who has always sought to live in harmony with others, help those who need it, and encourage a healthy and happy lifestyle, finding Recreational Therapy was ideal. I grew up with a best friend who was born with cerebral palsy so including and advocating for those with disabilities was second nature. Respectfully making sure people aren’t using … Read More

Meet our Huntersville Intern, Maggie!

    When I first got into Rec Therapy I had no clue what it was and the more I learned the more I knew I was in the right field, I love the things Rec Therapy has to offer. I love knowing I can work with any population, and make programs and groups adaptive to the population that I’m … Read More

Meet our Asheville Intern, Alex!

  As person who has always been an advocate for individuals with disabilities, I was shocked to hear about the field of recreational therapy as I enrolled in Western Carolina University. During my first semester at WCU, as I sat in the Foundations of Recreational Therapy class, I realized that recreational therapy was much more than I ever could have … Read More

Meet our Allied Health Intern, Natalia!

    I can remember the first time I visited Hinds’ Feet Farm during a lab for class and instantly feeling a peace and authenticity that has stuck with me since that day. You can feel the love and joy the minute you step foot onto the property and each and every staff member, resident, and day program member spread … Read More

Meet our Huntersville Day Program Intern, Lauren!

    When I first started in recreational therapy, I didn’t even know that people with traumatic brain injuries were a group that we could serve. I also didn’t know that less than 10 miles from where I grew up was Hinds’ Feet Farm, a place I would come to know and love. I wasn’t sure which direction my internship … Read More

Benefits of Occupational and Recreational Therapy

      When we think about therapy and brain injury are initial thought is rehab that occurs directly after an injury. Very rarely do we think about the difference therapy can make in our loved one’s life years after the initial injury. Given the background of our new Allied Health Coordinator, Brittany Turney, members will have the unique opportunity to participate in Occupational and … Read More

Thriving Survivor

When we had to shut down our in-person day programs at the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic we were searching for ways to keep our program members engaged and connected during their time at home (and try to beat boredom too!). So, we tried a couple different things: paper activity packets, you tube videos of staff teaching crafts or … Read More

Meet Our New Allied Health Coordinator!

New Position Filled at the Farm! Brittany Turney has recently taken the brand new position at the farm of Allied Health Coordinator. Brittany started her career at the farm actually, as an TR (Therapeutic Recreation Specialist) intern in our Huntersville Day Program. Shortly after receiving her license as a TR, she began working here at the farm in the Day … Read More