Meet Greta! A Huntersville Intern

Throughout my life, I have had various experiences that have led me to the profession I chose to pursue. I have chosen that helping others and providing them with quality care is my true passion.

As an adolescent, I was always a very active child and constantly on the go. I found a true outlet in athletics, and I think my parents were happy I found an outlet for my pent-up energies! Soccer and track became my two favorite pastimes, and I became very good at javelin throwing. Enough to earn a junior national championship in Hungary and potential for the Olympics. Unfortunately, I broke my shoulder, which ended my dreams. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and it was here that I was exposed to the concept of rehabilitation. The professionals that took care of me were so kind and knowledgeable, and I was impressed that this was something one could do for a living.

As I got older, I moved to more retail settings, which was more exciting to a young girl at the time. I worked for various companies and found that it could have been more rewarding. I just felt there was more to life than retail.

I met my husband some years later and began pursuing my life in health care. I started as a CNA, spent many years in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, and enjoyed helping seniors with their needs. It was here that I first learned of therapeutic recreation and realized that this was my career. It combined all that I enjoyed doing as a kid and my interest in the science of care. I enrolled in Winston Salem State and will graduate this spring with my degree. I am lucky to have found a rewarding field that allows me to help others and gives me the satisfaction of doing good. I enjoy my time with all my clients and see the progress they make every day. I celebrate each gain internally just as much as I did as a kid scoring a goal in soccer.

Hinds Feet Farm has been an excellent fit for my style of care. Being outdoors and with animals makes me feel at home, and I particularly enjoy the personal care approach the facility uses. Having specific goals for each member means we can focus on the care we give and see measurable gains.

Part of my internship is to experience all domains that the job requires. I am excited to introduce a sensory session. I will use small fragrant herb sacks filled with herbs like rosemary and let members use their scents to find the spice. The sensory neurons in the nose detect fragrance molecules and relay signals to the olfactory bulb, a structure in the forebrain where initial odor processing occurs. Stimulating the olfactory highway of our brain triggers memories, emotions, and cardiovascular autonomic responses that might be compromised post-TBI.