Meet our Huntersville Intern, Christina!


The first time I observed occupational therapy, I was a sophomore at Michigan State University, volunteering at the front desk for a neurorehabilitation facility. My initial intention in volunteering was to gain experience with physical therapy as I had never heard of occupational therapy prior. When I was introduced to the occupational therapists at the facility, I was instantly drawn to their work. My passion for the role of occupational therapy was introduced in the setting of neurorehabilitation and my interest has not let up.

I am an occupational therapy student from the University of Indianapolis, and I am completing my doctoral capstone experience (DCE) at Hinds’ Feet Farm in Huntersville, NC. Occupational therapy in the setting of neurorehabilitation is specialized in remedial and compensatory approaches to facilitate increased performance and safety during engagement in meaningful occupations. Throughout my education, I have gained experience in acute and outpatient neurorehabilitation, and I wanted to identify a location where I would gain a new and unique experience in the continuum of neuro care. After surfing the internet, I found Hinds’ Feet Farm’s website and I knew this is where I wanted to go. My DCE is the final project of my degree and has the goal of developing my advanced skills through an in-depth synthesis of knowledge from the chosen setting. This may be done by focusing on areas such as leadership, advocacy, education, and program development. The aim of my DCE project is to assist in the further development of Hinds’ Feet Farm’s residential program to assist in maximizing the quality of life for the residential members.

Every day when I arrive at the Farm, I feel joyful and lucky to be here. While I am not from the area, I feel welcomed by the members and staff. I will be graduating in May 2023 with my doctorate in Occupational Therapy. Until then, I will be absorbing every experience and sunlight I get at on the farm.