Therapeutic Riding Program


Hinds’ Feet Farm’s Therapeutic Riding Program, “Equine Explorers”, is designed for the members of Hinds’ Feet Farm (Huntersville Only), and is overseen by our riding instructor and Director of Member Services, Allison Spasoff, with support from her invaluable Equine Volunteers.

Equine Explorers Logo

In addition to mounted Therapeutic Riding sessions, members learn equine behavior, horsemanship, equine anatomy, and about some of the possible benefits of their Therapeutic Riding experience:

  • Sensory alertness/stimulation
  • Mobility and response readiness
  • Increased relaxation
  • Improved motivation and initiation
  • Increased sense of empowerment/control over one’s life
  • Improved balance, coordination, muscle tone, body and spatial awareness
  • Decreased social isolation
  • Elevated mood, self-image and self esteem

A member’s Therapeutic Riding sessions aim to compliment, and work in concert with a member’s overall recovery goals established upon admission to services at Hinds’ Feet Farm.

Equine Explorers is not designed to be a standalone program, rather to enhance the activities our members are already engaged in, and offer them a broader array of program choices.  As such, the riding program is offered only to Hinds' Feet Farm members.

Riding Staff

Therapeutic Riding sessions are overseen and facilitated by our Registered PATH International riding instructor (  and Director of Member Services, Alison Spasoff, with support from a pool of trained and dedicated volunteers.

Therapeutic Riding would not be possible at Hinds' Feet Farm without the selfless generosity of our volunteers who help feed, care for, exercise our horses and work alongside staff and members to keep our riding activities safe!

If you are interested in volunteering in our Therapeutic Riding Program, please contact Alison Spasoff or visit our Volunteering Page