Benefits of Occupational and Recreational Therapy




When we think about therapy and brain injury are initial thought is rehab that occurs directly after an injury. Very rarely do we think about the difference therapy can make in our loved one’s life years after the initial injury. Given the background of our new Allied Health Coordinator, Brittany Turney, members will have the unique opportunity to participate in Occupational and Recreational Therapy geared activities. Our members will grow even more in their social skills, leisure pursuits and gain further independence in daily occupations. During activities we will focus on the individual’s strengths to help them achieve goals.  

Activities could include…Baking a cake for a friend’s birthday to help strengthen friendships and sense of self. Using workout equipment in the Rec Center to build stronger leg muscles to make mobility easier. Taking a trip to the store and purchase necessities to help build awareness of spending habits. Experimenting with various adaptive equipment to make toileting, dressing, or even eating easier for the member to accomplish independently. 

 The opportunities are endless!! With one-on-one OTA/RT care our members can “maximize the post injury potential…with integrated, unique, and holistic programs.”, as stated in the Hinds’ Feet Farm mission statement.