Meet our Huntersville Day Program Intern, Lauren!



When I first started in recreational therapy, I didn’t even know that people with traumatic brain injuries were a group that we could serve. I also didn’t know that less than 10 miles from where I grew up was Hinds’ Feet Farm, a place I would come to know and love. I wasn’t sure which direction my internship would lead me, but I was open to whatever population and setting that I could have. Just from reading some of the testimonials and mission statement of HFF, I knew that my values were aligned with those here, and that this is a place that I could see myself being really happy at. And I was right! Each day brings new faces, new activities, and new challenges. I wake up excited to come here, excited to work alongside the awesome staff and my fellow RT intern, and excited to get to see and spend time with the members. I have already learned so much about brain injuries, different ways they can be acquired, treatment methods, interventions that work and those that don’t, and how to handle different behaviors that may come along with an individual having a brain injury. I have also gotten to learn a lot about many of the members and residents and feel incredibly lucky to have heard the stories about how they got their injuries, challenges they face on a daily basis, and their goals and hopes for the future. From my first day here, I have felt incredibly welcomed by staff and by members, and have been told by several members that here, we are family. Currently, I am observing and participating in all groups and planning some fun activities for February!