Hinds’ Feet Farm – Asheville Day Program

Hinds’ Feet Farm has a day program in Asheville, North Carolina and unlike the programs in Huntersville we are not actually on a farm! Here in Asheville we rent space from a church on Hendersonville road right in town. I think of us as the urban branch of Hinds’ Feet Farm. We are technically in south Asheville but close to downtown and we are next door neighbors to the Biltmore estate!

We love the convenience of being in town since we are right off the highway and have a city bus stop right out front. We do miss having the nature and serenity of the farm right outside but we do have wildlife—a cute chipmunk family lives outside our front door and sometimes we even get bear visitors! We love being able to access so much of our area easily though and when we can, we go on outings in the community most program days.

Our Asheville Day Program started in 2009 and has grown from just a handful of members that started at the program and now has more than 25 active members. We have had to adapt our programming due to the Covid pandemic so we are doing more in house activities since we aren’t able to do outings right now and to expand to virtual programs as well! We miss being out in the community but we’ve had a great time connecting online and getting creative with the programs we do here on site.

–Erica Rawls | Day Program Director–