Huntersville Day Program

Meet our friendly farm bunnies, Snickers and Oriella!

Snickers was born right here on the farm almost 5 years ago. You may have already guessed that he got his name from his caramel-colored fur, like the inside of a Snickers candy bar! He is full of personality and loves to nibble on clover.

Oriella is new to the farm and was given to us by a pair of our awesome volunteers. This sweet bunny has already made her way into the hearts (and arms) of our day program members, staff and volunteers. Her name was inspired by… you guessed it… Oreos!

During the week, members are in charge of feeding and caring for Snickers and Oriella which instills responsibility and teaches animal care skills. They are also growing herbs and greens in the garden for the bunnies to eat!

The therapeutic benefits of animals are well known, and these bunnies are no exception! Members enjoy holding, petting and playing with them outside of their cages.

We would love for you to come meet Snickers and Oriella. Please help us keep them healthy and happy by not bringing extra treats to feed them, but they will always accept extra pets!