Thriving Survivor

When we had to shut down our in-person day programs at the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic we were searching for ways to keep our program members engaged and connected during their time at home (and try to beat boredom too!). So, we tried a couple different things: paper activity packets, you tube videos of staff teaching crafts or reading, phone calls from staff, and virtual activities over Zoom. What ended up sticking was the virtual activities which allowed members to see and talk with not only staff but other members (from both day programs) in real time. It ended up being such a hit that we have continued this virtual programming even after our in-person day programs have re-opened and expanded it to be available to every brain injury survivor in the state of North Carolina—not just the existing program members! So, now Hinds’ Feet Farm has virtual members as well who have never set foot on either of our campuses. What a world we live in!

Another exciting development came in September 2021 when we started a partnership with the Brain Injury Association of North Carolina and Cardinal Innovations which has allowed us to expand our virtual programming and reach even more survivors throughout the state. Members are also able to take advantage of a free one-year membership to the Brain Injury Association of NC. The name of the program also changed to Thriving Survivor Virtual Program and includes instructors from the community as well as our staff. We are now offering virtual programming Monday through Friday at 9a, 10a and 1p. Classes include: astronomy, music therapy, games, book club & discussion, drumming, adaptive exercise, escape rooms, karaoke, and mindfulness among many others.

If you are interested in joining this FREE virtual program open to adult brain injury survivors across the state of North Carolina, please click here!